Bignall Group Ltd.

Bignall Group Ltd.


We have a long tradition of working with and supporting schools and other educational establishments. We are exhibiting as we want to support Engineering UK in its aims.

Bignall Group is a long-established family engineering business beginning trading 42 years ago in 1976.  The Group consists of three main profit centres:  A CNC precision machine shop with a dozen milling and turning machines.  An Automatic Lubrication division which exports 90% of its output principally to agricultural machinery manufacturers in nearly 20 different Countries, it is market leader for chain oiling systems.  Finally, it has a Cubicle Hardware division, this supplies the cubicle and washroom market with all the hardware necessary to turn laminate sheets into cubicles for new build and refurbishment of existing facilities.

All its products in its product divisions have been designed in house and it holds a number of patents for innovative lubrication distribution systems and safety hinges.  The Company regularly is involved with customers in helping them to design their products for manufacturing thereby reducing cost of production and it is this heavy bias towards innovation which sets us apart from other similar businesses.

The Company has a long tradition of working with and supporting schools and other educational establishments.  This includes works visits, work placements, industrial problem-solving challenges, mock interviews, careers days, parents’ days and mentoring work on steering committees.

Bignall Group is also one of the greenest small businesses in the region.  On the roof of its 30,000 square foot factory in Shildon, it has installed over 600 solar panels generating up to 150 Kilowatts from which it runs its whole operation in Summer months as well as exporting around 50% of what it generated helping others to receive sustainable energy.  In colder months its factory is completely heated from a 200 kilowatt wood pellet biomass boiler which runs 24 hours a day to maintain the fabric of the building at a comfortable working temperature.

What will they be exhibiting

We will be demonstrating our products, 3D printing, Cartesian Mini-Robot as part of the exhibition.