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Calsonic Kansei

Calsonic Kansei


Calsonic Kansei is a global automotive company, inspired to be world leading in innovation and monozukri while contributing to a sustainable society.

Calsonic Kansei Europe is a supplier of heat exchange, air conditioning, exhaust, interior, and electric automotive components. Headquartered in the UK, with operations spread throughout Europe in Spain, Romania, Russia, France and Germany.

A subsidiary of the Calsonic Kansei Corporation, (a global automotive group with its headquarters in Japan), Calsonic Kansei Europe is part of a network of 62  in over 16 countried including Japan, China, India and more.

We have a passion for innovation and we are committed to achieving product excellence. We strive to add value to our customers business by developing products that will enhance the end consumer's experience of their vehicle. As a socially responsible company we are also committed to bringing innovative eco technologies to the market.