Digital pioneer Siemens joins Bring It On North East for a third consecutive year

Digital pioneer Siemens joins Bring It On North East for a third consecutive year

The largest engineering gala in the North East - Bring It On – will return for a third consecutive year to Sunderland, bringing together industry and education to celebrate North East engineering opportunities for our children.

Over 80 local businesses are expected to join the event again this year, showcasing the very exciting opportunities careers in engineering have to offer.

A returning exhibitor for a third year is Siemens, a digital pioneer and one of the largest electrifications and automation innovators worldwide.


You are returning to exhibit at this year’s Bring It On event – what do you find beneficial about the event for you as a business?

Since the Bring It On event started over two years ago we have thoroughly enjoyed attending each year. As an engineering business we have a keen interest in the STEM activities in our local area, however often it can be difficult to get around all the schools that we would like to. Bring It On allows us to speak to thousands of students and teachers to help promote engineering as a career choice. Engineering is part of this area's heritage and to be given the chance to inspire the next generation of engineers into the industry is an opportunity Siemens is fully on board with. The Bring It On event lets us inspire the students and show them the type of work we are involved in, but it is also a chance for us to engage with the teachers at the event also.


What did you enjoy about last year’s event the most?

Last year’s event was a great success; from our perspective, we felt that we had longer to engage with the students and teachers. The layout of the venue encouraged the students to be fully interactive with the different activities we had on our stand and I feel we were able to have a larger impact than the previous year. The atmosphere of last years event was amazing, due to the stands all being in one hall then you could hear all the students buzzing around the stands and really enjoying the day. There was excitement in the air and this year’s event seen our own business work more collaboratively as we had volunteers from many different sections of our business coming together to support this great event.


How does Bring It On impacts on the engineering/technology industry in the North East?

The Bring it On event celebrates the best of engineering and technology within the North East, we have a privileged opportunity to showcase what our business has to offer to the future generation and discuss the opportunities that are available by taking STEM subject at school and into A-levels. The Bring It On event opens students’ eyes to the world of engineering and allows stereotypes in the industry to be broken down. By inspiring the next generation, we are taking steps to ensure that the future of the industry in the North East is secure.


How did you feel about talking to school kids about what you do as a business?

I personally enjoy talking to students about what Siemens does as a business. Within Siemens there are a wide variation of engineering across the UK and Worldwide, due to this I can talk to people about the business I work within and relate their everyday lives to the work we do within Energy Management, but I can also tell them about the exciting things Siemens does within digitalisation, health care, rail and many more. By engaging with the students, we can show that with the skills of an engineer there are huge possibilities to where their careers could take them. I always enjoy getting a student’s perspective on what they aspire to when they leave school, it is interesting to hear what they plan to do in the future from apprenticeships to University plans to some who are still open to what they want to pursue each student brings different ideas and just talking to them about this is a great privilege of attending this event.


How do you perceive Bring It On’s aim to inspire the next generation of engineers and to consider kids to follow a career in STEM-based subjects?

The aim of Bring It On is one we as a business fully support, the event allows thousands of pupils to get an insight into what the area has to offer in terms of engineering, the event allows the North East to showcase what it has to offer the future generations in terms of exciting and rewarding careers within the industry and within STEM. The Bring it On event shows that the North East has a proud history of Engineering and before this event there was nothing else like it in the local area. It allows pupils who may never have considered STEM based subjects to be inspired by the range of businesses attending and the event is a highlight of our businesses calendar each year!


What are your expectations for this year’s event?

We have already started to prepare for this year’s event and have been brainstorming ideas for what our stand may look like. This year we want to go bigger and better than our previous years and bring some different ideas to the stand. Our business is constantly bringing new activities to be used at events like this, so we plan on utilising some of the newest within our stand this year. There is already a buzz starting to develop for this year’s Bring It On and we can’t wait to take part again!