Royal IHC


We are based in the North East of England and we would like to promote careers in engineering to pupils in order to inform them of the benefits of choosing engineering as a career path.

Royal IHC Limited is an innovative engineering business which designs and builds specialist equipment for the offshore oil & gas, submarine telecommunications and renewable energy industries.

Typical projects include ship mounted systems which can lay oil and gas pipelines in over 1,000m of seawater; ploughs which ensure that the subsea cables providing internet connections to millions of people are buried and protected and  trenchers which lay cables for the offshore windfarms providing us all with clean energy.

Their ability to deliver world-class offshore equipment depends on the expertise and creativity of a team which represents almost every engineering discipline including mechanical, structural, hydraulic, electrical, control and production. Members of this team are involved in every stage of our projects from generating the earliest design ideas through to commissioning and testing the equipment before handing it over to the customer.

What will they be Exhibiting:

We will have TV monitors showing footage of our products in action, model plough in a sand trough, CAD design activity via a laptop.