AVID Technology


We hope we will help inspire pupils to become engineers when they grow up and help make the North, the UK and the world a better place to live in.

AVID is a proud northern engineering company, working at the forefront of electric vehicle technology which is helping to change the world's personal transport system for the next generation.

Our region has a long history of great engineers and engineering companies, and we see it as being very important that we do our part to make the inquisitive minds of the younger generations aware of the types of opportunities they have in their local area.

We produce thermal management systems & electric and hybrid vehicle powertrain components for applications ranging from supercars to heavy off road vehicles.

What will they be Exhibiting:

We will be showing videos that explain the technology we create, and we will have display products that can be touched and looked at up close. We will talk to the pupils about what they think our products are used in, and show them all the various vehicles which they are actually used in.