Covid-19 Student Challenge – Submit your proposal now!

What are the problems YOU, and your community are facing in daily life due to coronavirus?

We are being exposed to issues around us in a way we are not used to and EqualEngineers are calling the next generation of engineers to action!

The COVID-19 Student Challenge is a global competition calling on innovative solutions from across the world to help solve a global problem. EqualEngineers are looking for creative and out-of-this-world ideas, to help tackle the effects of COVID-19 around you. Be as imaginative as you can!

Be it as a team with your school, college or university mates, get your friends, grandparents or kids together to pitch in with your innovative solutions to help defeat the Coronavirus. You can be as creative as you want in sharing it too, feel free to make explanatory videos and make your solution open-source for the world to use.

Get involved and be part of the solution: submit your entry via the IMechE event website

Equal Engineers