Legrand UK & Ireland


Legrand is excited to be involved in Bring it On, especially as an employer who has two manufacturing sites in the North East.Legrand is a forward thinking company, always looking for opportunities in new technology and tweaking our products accordingly to comply with modern living. They hope to make a difference to the next generation in giving them an insight into how exciting modern day engineering can be.

Legrand has been manufacturing in the UK since 1980 and today has three main competencies, namely electronic, electrical and mechanical.  Around 85% of products sold by the UK subsidiary are manufactured within the UK.

The UK company is organised into the following specialist business units:  cable management, power distribution, wiring devices, assisted living and healthcare, energy controls and digital infractures.

  • CABLE MANAGEMENT - Legrand's established Swifts, Salamandre and Cablofil ranges give our cable management business unit a firm leadership position in the UK.
  • POWER DISTRIBUTION - From Zucchini cast resin transformers and a comprehensive range of busbars, to Electrak powertrack, desk modules and lighting control, Legrand's power distribution business unit provides market leading solutions to the increasing demands of today's buildings.
  • WIRING DEVICES - Much more than just a vast selection of switches and sockets... Legrand's wiring devices business unit includes door entry and home automation, wiring accessories and consumer units, plus an extended range of industrial and power protection products.
  • ASSISTED LIVING AND HEALTHCARE - An array of products designed to enable people to live independently for longer in their own home or with the appropriate level of carer support in a managed healthcare environment.
  • ENERGY CONTROLS - The CP Electronics offering ranges from simple time-lag switches to sophisticated microwave presence detectors and fully addressable lighting control systems. A drive for innovation ensures that high quality products are bought to market that minimise energy use and reduce costs while ensuring maximum user comfort.
  • DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURES - Legrand’s Digital Infrastructure business unit encompasses two well established brands, Minkels and Raritan. Minkels is a knowledge-driven producer and worldwide supplier of high-quality solutions for data centre infrastructure. Raritan is a proven innovator of power management solutions, DCIM software, and KVM-over-IP for data centres of all sizes.

What will they be Exhibiting:

We are taking part in “Bring it on – North East” whereby we will be exhibiting Legrand products and inviting interested parties to get involved with assembling products.

  • The components to be assembled are various sizes and shapes of lidded channel, which when assembled in the jig will form a number 5.
  • The assembling will require individuals to handle the steel components and affix with screws, tightened by using an air driver.
  • The steel components can have sharp edges, these components have been deburred to removed the risk of cuts. For the youngsters to gain real experience, they will be required to assemble the components wearing cut proof gloves.
  • The air drivers are PAT (portable appliance tested) and confirmed safe for use and the youngsters will be supervised at all times.