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Port of Blyth STEM Hub

Port of Blyth STEM Hub


We want to exhibit at Bring It On to raise awareness of the opportunities that are emerging within and around Blyth and SE Northumberland to do with ORE and the skills and jobs it will support.

The Blyth STEM Hub is supported by the Port of Blyth and the ORE Catapult to help build engagement with and understanding of the needs of companies and agencies involved with Offshore and Renewable Energy (ORE). A key part of this work is in building sustainable education-to-employment pathways that reflect the current and emerging needs of industries operating in this sector.

The Blyth STEM Hub works closely with education and training providers in Blyth and SE Northumberland to:

  • Involve children and young people and their parents and carers in engaging and compelling activities that develop their understanding of STEM in general and the associated opportunities within the marine and ORE sector in particular
  • Contribute to the professional development of educators in the area so that the engagement programme can be effectively reinforced and built on

Support strategic and operational employer engagement with education ad training providers so that skills needs are addressed appropriately and curriculum development can be properly informed by expected economic development.