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Siemens Plc


Siemens are committed to educating and promoting STEM in schools, this is a fantastic opportunity to present what Siemens do from the North East, educating a large number of students.

Siemens Energy Management is one of the leading global suppliers of products, systems, solutions, and services for the reliable transmission and distribution of electrical power. As a trusted partner for the development and extension of efficient power infrastructure, the Division Energy Management offers utilities and the industry the portfolio they need.

This includes facilities and systems for the low-voltage and distribution power grid level, smart grids and high-voltage transmission systems. Within the North-East Siemens has several divisions within the area covering Power and Gas, Energy Management and many others within these divisions. We come together each year to support the Bring it On event to try and inspire future generations into engineering!

We have been involved with Bring it on since its inaugural year and it is a highlight of the businesses calendar. We love that we get to engage with so many students and teachers across the two days and to hopefully inspire future generations into taking STEM subjects and potentially encourage them into the industry! The event allows a showcase of all that STEM and engineering has to offer and the exciting opportunities available within the industry!

What will they be exhibiting?

We plan on utilizing the activities we have used in previous years such as the Computer games, VR headset, make your own wind turbine and other activities. We are looking into some new interactive activities too such as a programmable robotic car that is programmed to drive around a track on the floor.