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ZF Peterlee

ZF Peterlee


We manufacture and supply active and passive safety products and services to automotive industry customers all over the world.

ZF is the world's third largest auto supplier with 230 locations in 40 countries across the globe.

We make automotive products including driver assistance systems, occupant safety systems, electric drives, chassis components, steering and axle systems, electronics, damping systems, braking systems and transmissions.

Our plant in Peterlee is based within a 57,690 sqm facility on the North West Industrial Estate and was established in the North East in 1988. Today we employ over 900 people.

We have been part of the event for the past two years and find it extremely rewarding to help provide information to students and teaching staff about the exciting careers available in automotive engineering in the North East.

What will they be Exhibiting:

We will be exhibiting company information, sample products along with magnifiers and microscope. We will also be displaying a brand video showcasing some of our working processes.